Software engineer in northern Virginia,


Blogger and 1x developer,


Deft wielder of JavaScript and duct tape.

I'm Eric, and I'm a mobile and web app developer in Northern Virginia. I've worked for enterprises and small companies in the energy, publishing, and healthcare industries. I build highly interactive web applications, with a focus on data visualization and clean UI. I have over 25 years of experience with React.js, in dog years.


Some stuff I've built over the years.


A tool to encode and decode a message in an ordered deck of cards.

Triangle Calculator

A web app that solves and displays triangles based on partially known measurements.

ABAP Logger

This is an open-source library I published when I was working with the ABAP programming language years ago. It needed a better way to log messages for further review, so I wrote a library to expose a more fluent interface for logging. As of March 2018, it's the third most starred ABAP project on Github.

Occam's Flashlight

The simplest possible Android flashlight, developed as an excuse to play around with a devops pipeline for an Android app.

Latest Blog Posts

Career experts say you should know your niche, so I focus on modern app development. I know other things, like how to write performant SQL statements and implement custom OAuth 2.0 authorization flows, but I'll keep that to myself.

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